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#include "MusimatTutorial.h"

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 MusimatTutorialSection (B0100)

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MusimatTutorialSection ( B0100   )

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        Print("*** Introduction to Musimat -- The programming language for \"Musimathics\" ***");
         Introduction to Musimat -- The programming language for "Musimathics"
         Adapted from "Musimathics Volume I" Appendix B 
         Published by the MIT Press
          2006 Gareth Loy
         Mathematics is the music of reason.
         -James J. Sylvester
         B.1 Musimat
         Why did I invent a new programming language when there are so many excellent ones already 
         available? The problem is that most programming languages are more general-purpose than is 
         required for the relatively specialized purposes of this material, and a proper introduction to such 
         a general-purpose language would lead the discussion too far afield. I decided it would be of more 
         service to readers to specialize the language so that its features would match the examples in this 
         book as closely as possible. That way, the focus would remain on the subject being coded rather 
         than on the language being used to code it.
         Nevertheless, Musimat is similar to other procedural languages such as C or C++ (see Stroustrup 
         1991), so if you already know one of these, it should be easy to pick up Musimat. If you don't 
         know any programming language, learning one should be easier after you learn Musimat.
         I present everything you'll need to know about Musimat in the following sections.
         NOTE: In fact, this version of Musimat is implemented in C++.