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#include "MusimatTutorial.h"

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 MusimatTutorialSection (B0102)

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MusimatTutorialSection ( B0102   )

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        Print("*** B.1.2 Statements and Expressions ***");
         B.1.2 Statements and Expressions
         Most methods read, "Do this, then do that." Each "do this" step is a statement. Sequences of state-
         ments are read left to right, then down the page. The elements of each statement, called expressions, 
         determine what the statement is about. In many programming languages (including Musimat), 
         semicolons (;) separate statements.
         Here is a simple example of two statements.
         The first prints "Do this", the next prints "Then do that" to the console.
        Print("Do this");
        Print("Then do that");
        // Note, this comment is not a statement. All text to the end of the line is treated as a comment.
        /* This comment is also not a statement. */
         Comments like this one can
         extend over an arbitrary numbrer of lines.